I purchased a boat...
Last Update - 3/30/16
1/17/15 - created this site.

1/31/15 - Updated info on rudder rebuild - see "get her in" link above.

4/30/15 - Rudder almost done!! - Click here to go direct.

7/19/15 - Engine nearly there!! Click here

8/30/15 - Everything BUT the engine Click here

9/06/15 - end of season - next year - read about it.

3/30/16 - The year she goes in. What is left to do? - read about it

Where shall i begin..

I wanted to create this site for several reasons. Not least of which is to allow those who inspired & mentored me to take part in the adventure. I will be recording all the work I will be doing on her. If you find yourself on this site, it is because I want you to be part of the adventure. I look forward to your comments. Good or bad.

I have always had a love of wooden boats. Primarily because a spent a large part of my youth with one in the family. Most, if not all, of my fondest memories involved this boat and the adventures it afforded us. Form the simple day trips to the two week excursions.

My father sold her when I was 15 years old. He wanted something that was easier to maintain. His next boat was a fiberglass dory. I never liked it.

I vowed that when I was old enough, I would search out the boat of my youth and buy her back. As with most dreams, life seemed to get in the way and I never pursued it. With the advent of the internet, the commitment I vowed as a kid would crop up in my mind from time to time and I would spend time scouring the internet for the remote possibility that she is still in one piece and, if lucky, was for sale. These were fleeting searches. Knowing full well that my personal situation would not allow me to own any type of pleasure craft.

Being a bit older and more settled, it seems God has dealt me a favorable wind and recent events have rekindled the love and desire to own a boat. I began my search with a bit more effort and spent a lot of hours on the internet. This is when I came across this little beauty pictured above. Built in Yugoslavia in 1960.

As of Dec 17th 2014, she is in my possession. Although in great shape for a 54 year old, she is, 54 years old.